Protect Your Home During Summer Vacation by Securing Your Garage Door


Secure Your Garage Door for Summer Vacation

You’re savvy enough about home security that when you head for summer vacation, you hold mail and newspaper deliveries, install timers so lights go off and on to make your interior look occupied, and have a friend or neighbor check on your property once in a while. But you should also secure your garage door, which offers the largest entry point into your home.

Fix Issues Now

If you’re experiencing even slight problems with your garage doors, you don’t want to wait until after you get back from your trip to get them checked out. Those strange noises and occasional hiccups during opening and closing may be symptoms of a more serious problem that may compromise your security while you’re gone. Contact a Henderson garage repair professional to check things out. He can inspect your opener and door mechanisms, make recommendations, and effect repairs before you need to go. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that this entrance to your home is functioning correctly.

Hide the Goods

If you have windows on your garage door, you don’t want to allow burglars to look through them to see what’s inside. So install either opaque or frosted film, which you can buy at a home center store and install yourself. Be sure and take the keys and door remotes from your cars and hide them in a safe place at your home. This will prevent criminals from driving your vehicles away in case they do gain entry.

Disable Access

Because your door opener is a remote device, thieves can obtain equipment that will simulate your remote code to open your garage door. You can prevent this from happening by unplugging your door mechanism while you’re gone. Be sure to also lock the door that connects your garage to your home’s interior.

Get Help

A sure sign that a home is unoccupied are tumbleweeds and other debris piled up against a closed garage door. If you have a gardening service, you can ask them to keep the area in front of your garage clean, if they don’t do that already. If you haven’t hired such a service, ask a neighbor or trusted friend to do the same thing.