LiftMaster Perimeter Alert Systems

LiftMaster Perimeter Alert Systems

It’s a hard thing when you’re suddenly caught off guard by someone, or something, entering your surroundings. The reality is that there is no reason to be caught off guard; while you’re on own property; when you purchase and install one of LiftMaster’s perimeter alert systems. With these systems you will be alerted the moment a pedestrian, or vehicle, approaches your property. Best of all, with up-to a half mile range and long battery life, you can easily install it anywhere on your property – driveway, shed, backyard, business fronts or walkway.

Perimeter Alert System

Perimeter Alert System 835LM

New and improved alert system now with up to a 1/2-mile range! Alerts you with light and sound when people or vehicles approach your home or property.

Perimeter Alert System

Extra Sensor – Perimeter Alert 836LM

New and improved alert sensor now with up to a 1/2-mile range! Detects motion of pedestrians and vehicles when they approach your home and property. Extra sensor to be used with the Perimeter Alert.

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