How to Prevent Drafts in the Garage


How a Garage Door Can Prevent Drafts

There is nothing worse than extremely warm or cold air coming into a home. Most people associate drafts with their windows or entry doors. However, a garage door could also be making it difficult to regulate the temperature in your home. What can homeowners do to prevent wind in the garage?

Make Sure the Door is Snug to the Ground

A garage door that is not properly installed could fail to close all the way to the ground. Garage doors that are not measured properly may also not be able to make solid contact with the ground. It may also be worthwhile to check that the door itself hasn’t been weakened by moisture or eaten away at by bugs or other pests. In some cases, it may be possible to have a garage repair Las Vegas company take a look at weatherstripping that may have been installed on the door in an effort to keep air out.

What Type of Material Is the Door Made From?

Even if a door is properly level to the ground, it is still possible for it to allow cold or warm air into your home. This is because a garage door may not be properly insulated. Therefore, cold air can simply seep through the door and into that space. Adding insulation may help to increase thermal efficiency and reduce the amount of air that is allowed to get into your garage through the door.

Air Can Get Through the Smallest of Cracks

Homeowners should understand that air can get through the smallest of cracks. Therefore, it is possible that the door is not necessarily the culprit if you notice that your garage space is colder than a person wants it to be. It may also be worthwhile to have doors, windows and other surfaces checked to create a temperate environment.