A New Garage Door Can Update Your Business or Home

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Garage Door Repair Offers Home Update Opportunities

Damage to the garage door of your home or business can offer an opportunity to update the look of the structure. Garage door design has come a long way since the 1950s and 1970s, two of the last building spurts of the 20th century. Many 21st century designs offer diverse designs in hardier materials that update the look of existing structures. Choose a replacement garage door instead of repairing the existing one. When you have Las Vegas garage door repair and replacement needs, service technicians can give your home a whole new look with a replacement garage door.

Modern Looks

Structures featuring long, slender, rectangular windows or glass houses benefit from a garage door featuring smoked glass door panels framed in black or white. These doors come with glass panels in a variety of sizes. They also often eschew the square door design, opting for a rectangular design.

Regal Looks

Natural wood garage door designs compliment both brick and wood structures. Whether solid wood or with smoked glass upper panels, these richly enhance the exterior. They can provide a less utilitarian look when featuring arched top panels. Natural wood carriage doors with squared or arched tops also create a rich looking exterior.

Country Home Looks

Barn style garage doors open out rather than up. They complement rustic exteriors. Try wood garage doors painted in contrasting colors to match the structure’s exterior on a Victorian style structure.