What to Do When You Are Having a New Garage Built Next to Your Home


When you are having your garage remodeled, renovated or rebuilt, there will be a lot of activity around your home. These tips will help you to stay safe throughout the installation process.

How to Prepare for a New Garage Installation or Renovation

When you are getting ready for a garage installation in Las Vegas, your home and property will be a busy place. The technicians and builders will need space to work and places to put their equipment and tools. These tips will help you to stay safe and out of the way while the project is ongoing.

Relocate Your Belongings

When you are having a garage installation or renovation, you will need to relocate the items that you usually keep in the garage. You might need to rent a storage area for a month and put your equipment there. If you have space in your backyard, you could put the items there under the protection of a tarp. Make sure that the place where you put the things from the garage is secure so that your items are not tampered with and so children cannot access unsafe items.

Move Your Car

While your garage is under construction, you will not be able to park in it. The equipment used by the installers may also be in the way of using your driveway. Make sure that you have a convenient and safe place to park your car. If you are used to leaving your purse, briefcase, electronics or even your car keys inside of the car, be sure to take them into the house with you and keep your car locked.

Hang a Dust Curtain

Even a small garage repair or construction project can generate a lot of dust. A complete garage installation could create quite a bit of airborne particles that could cause you to sneeze or cough. Hang up some plastic sheeting around the side entrance of your house near the garage. You could also place a doormat so that people can wipe their feet off when traveling between the construction zone and the house.