What You Need to Do If You Just Crashed Your Car Into the Garage Door


Accidentally driving or backing into the garage door is one of the most common accidents that take place with cars on personal property. Learn about what garage door repair technicians can do to get your door back on track.

What to Do When You’ve Hit Your Garage Door

If it is early in the morning and you’re still a little groggy or it’s late at night after a long day, you might accidentally back into or drive into your garage door. This is a common reason why people need a professional Las Vegas garage door repair service. If you have crashed your vehicle into your garage door, stay calm and take these important actions.

Assess the Situation

Turn off your car’s engine. If your car is in the garage and you backed into the door, the running engine could fill the garage with toxic fumes. If you can safely exit your vehicle without getting hurt or causing more damage, do so. If it is wintertime, look out for ice. It is possible that hitting a patch of ice on your driveway could have caused the accident.

Leave Your Car in Place

Do not try to move your car if the garage door has fallen onto it. The tracks and springs of the garage door are under high tension. The pressure of the door on your car could cause the springs or tracks to fall off, which could cause further damage. Dislodged parts could also cause you to experience an injury.

Call for Help

Call your garage door repair service for help. The technician can come to your home and inspect the garage door opener, springs, tracks and the door itself. The technician will be able to safely lift the door off of your vehicle. If you just tapped the garage door and made a small dent, the technician may be able to make immediate repairs. In instances where the door has become separated from the garage door opener system or when multiple panels are cracked, you may need to have a replacement garage door installed on your home.