Make Your Garage Look Better When Selling Your Home


Staging Your Garage When Selling Your Home

For home buyers who want to protect their vehicles from the Nevada heat, a garage must come with any property they consider, so making your garage stand out could be the key to a quicker sale at a higher price. You can make this area look bigger, newer, and better with the following staging tips.

Eliminate the Clutter

A quick way to make your garage look bigger than its actual size is to eliminate everything from it except for your vehicles. Empty it of gardening equipment, Christmas decorations, power tools, unused furniture, and boxes of stuff that don’t belong there. Ask a neighbor or friend if they can temporarily store your goods while your house goes on sale.

Keep It Clean

All your garage may need is a thorough cleaning to look brighter and newer. Rent a power washer so you can thoroughly take care of the walls and floors. If you’re having trouble removing any stubborn oil stains or dirt, or just don’t have time to do the job properly, consider hiring a professional who can make everything look spic and span without any effort on your part.

Make Repairs

You want your garage door to operate effortlessly and quietly. If it creaks and groans and stops and starts during operation, then potential buyers will assume that it requires expensive repairs. They may also wonder if there are other problems in the home and deduct the cost of fixes from their offers. Call a Las Vegas garage door repair facility and ask them to send a pro to look at your installation. He’ll be able to assess any problems and make any needed fixes.

Finish It Off

You can make your garage stand out by finishing the interior to look almost like a room in your home. Add drywall to cover the exposed studs and then paint it white or another neutral light color. Finish off the floor with commercial-grade vinyl, which will also hide any cracks or imperfections in the concrete. Add new storage shelves on the walls or a work table at any niches so your garage does double duty.