Learn When to Replace the Weather Stripping on Your Garage Door


Signs of Poor Garage Door Weather Stripping

A solid garage door lets you feel confident in knowing it will keep your car safe from burglars – and safe from Mother Nature too. Though these doors come with weather stripping on the bottom and sides, the stripping can crack or peel over time. Even if you don’t notice the weather stripping itself, other clues, including the ones discussed below, will appear in your garage to alert you that it’s time to have a Henderson garage repair service replace this vital component of your garage doors.

Rusting Metal

Many modern garage doors use stainless steel or aluminum because these metals are lightweight but strong. Manufacturers often add a coating or sealant to the surface that keeps the metal from coming into contact with the elements that cause rust. If your door does not have this coating or if the coating has peeled off and your weather stripping fails, you might notice some garage door rust. A lack of weather stripping can also allow your tools and other metal kept in the garage to rust because of the higher than normal moisture levels allowed in.

Feeling Drafts

If you feel breezes or drafts in your garage that you’ve never before noticed, you should check the state of the weather stripping. This is because the primary job of weather stripping, as the name of the product implies, is preventing certain aspect of the weather from entering the space. When weather stripping begins to deteriorate or fail, the gaps that open up can allow drafts to form. These drafts can themselves leave other clues such as dust or dirt gathering in corners that never used to get dirty quickly.

Puddles of Water

Visible puddles of water or standing water in a garage is another sign that your weather stripping failed. Any strips around the edges that have cracked or broken off will allow water to seep through during rainstorms or sometimes when your sprinkler system runs. That water will typically pool in puddles around the door. Garage repair techs can easily replace the old weather stripping on your doors whenever any of these signs tell you the old weather stripping needs to be replaced.