Are you in search of hurricane proof doors for your garage? Extreme weather events happen all across the country, especially during the changing of seasons. Whether it be hurricanes, tornados, dust storms, or just high winds, turbulent weather systems can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. 

While most homeowners are familiar with hurricane-proof doors and storm shutters, it’s lesser-known that installing a high-quality garage door can protect your home in the event of a severe storm. Let’s take a look at how to storm-proof your garage door and create an extra barrier of protection between you and any extreme weather event. 

How to Storm-Proof Your Garage Doors

If your garage door is too weak or flimsy to withstand high winds it can easily buckle if a storm system gets out of hand. When winds pick up they could damage your garage door to the point it warps, bends, or caves in altogether. Once excessive winds breach the garage door and enter your home it could lead to more costly damage to the roof, windows, interior,  and entire structure of your home.

Hurricane Proof Doors

High winds can also cause pressure to build up in your home, but flying debris and flooding are also major concerns. Specific garage door features like watertight seals and impact-resistant garage door panels are just a couple of the options you’d look for when purchasing a hurricane-rated garage door. 

Heavy-duty, hurricane proof doors come in a variety of colors and materials. You’ll want to consult with a professional garage door company before settling on what storm-proof garage door best suits your needs and the weather patterns in your part of the country. There have been amazing innovations made in garage door technology and construction. Here are three garage door upgrades that can make your home a safer place when the weather turns from bad to worse.


Benefits of Installing Garage Door Braces

To protect your garage and home from potential damage during storms, install reinforced garage door braces on the inside of an existing door. These temporary supports will help you avoid costly repairs in the event Mother Nature delivers her worst!

Install Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels are a great way to protect your garage door from high winds and flying debris. They attach easily and seamlessly onto the exterior of any size or style garage door and help to reinforce the strength of your existing garage door. Hurricane panels will afford you and your family peace of mind when wicked weather strikes. 

Invest in Storm-Ready Garage Doors

If you were already shopping around for a new garage door, regardless of future weather conditions, you may want to bypass purchasing hurricane panels and/or garage door braces and just invest in a storm-ready garage door from the manufacturer. Check with your local codes to find the right wind-rated garage door for your area. Depending on location, you will be able to choose between impact and wind-resistant garage doors and hurricane-proof garage doors. Each has their own benefits and is a wise investment. Hurricane-proof garage doors come equipped with a twist-resistant framework and a super strong steel track to keep your garage door firmly in place during high winds. 

Contact Precision Garage Door for Storm-Proof Garage Door Installation

Upgrading your garage door is a great investment when making home improvements. It not only improves curb appeal, but can enhance the safety and security of your home. When in doubt, call the professionals at Precision Garage Door Las Vegas! We can send a technician out immediately to repair or replace your broken garage door springs, or to install a new storm-proof garage door on your home or commercial property. Our technicians are trained to handle all kinds of garage door, opener, and sensor issues and fix the problem. Call 702-637-2700 for same-day service.