How High Temperatures Can Impact a Garage Door


Many hot weather elements can affect how efficiently a garage door operates. Because the climate changes frequently in different neighborhoods, a good defense is always the best strategy.

How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs in a Hot Climate

When the temperature rises, key elements in an environment can harm various garage door components. However, you can keep your door protected throughout the hottest days by implementing key procedure.

Direct Sunlight

If your home is built in a spot where direct sunlight shines onto your garage door, operational problems could develop as the temperature inside or outside the garage rises. Temperature changes can make a garage door opener malfunction, so you should put a tarp over it whenever the daily temperature will be high. Without shade, a garage opener will behave like there is an obstruction in the area.


When the environment in a neighborhood is muggy, lighting strikes usually generate and produce strong surges that can harm vital garage door equipment. Damage that’s caused by lighting is severe, which is why the cost to repair or replace fried components is typically high. By investing in a single circuit surge protector, you can keep every garage door part fully protected.

Severe Heat

Over time, as hot air travels through a closed garage, intense heat will slowly harm components that operate the garage door. In order to maintain a pleasant environment on a severely hot day, you must let a trained HVAC professional implement strategic procedures to ventilate the space. If something needs to be repaired after the temperature is ideal, a Henderson garage repair specialist can help.