How to Handle a Snapped Garage Door Cable in Henderson

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What to When Garage Door Cables Snap

Automatic garage doors have cables on both sides to lower and lift your door easily. The cables are sturdy, but can eventually break down due to wear and tear to create lost tension in the cables ending in fraying or snapping. To give you the knowledge to bypass more damage or personal injury, take these tips into account if your garage door cable snaps in Henderson.

How Garage Cables Work

Henderson garage doors use different cables for various kinds of springs. Lift cables are placed in garage doors in Henderson through torsion spring technology. The cables are connected to the door’s bottom corners and brought through to the torsion springs on the top of the door.

Retaining cables are located in garage doors with extension springs. The cables are placed inside the springs and run vertically along the right and left ends of your garage door in Henderson. The idea surrounding retaining cables is to stop the springs from hitting the other side of the room if breakages occur. This means fewer garage door repairs in Henderson.

They’re heavy-duty twisted cables made of several strands of galvanized metal. They normally operate for years without a hitch, but issues like faulty pulley bearings, excessive amounts of moisture by the bottom of your garage door or poor track placement can accelerate rust, wear and corrosion. With regular inspections, you can have a better chance of preventing a frayed cable from snapping in Henderson.

Stop Using the Door and Call a Garage Door Service

Broken cables cause more tension to be transferred to your other cable. This places tremendous pressure on it. It can create the conditions for your garage door to lift unevenly and cause it to become unbalanced and crooked. That means if your garage door is shaking, operating strangely or squeaking, it could be the sign that your cable has snapped in Henderson.