Why a Garage Door Jams


Garage doors can sometimes jam. The causes often include objects stuck in the track, a problem with the locking mechanism, or damaged springs.

Reasons Why a Garage Door Won’t Function Efficiently

After the button on a garage door opener is pressed, the gears on the track should activate. If the door moves briefly and stops, the system has a mechanical problem that must be resolved.

Objects Stuck in the Track

Many things can easily drop in the track where the gears operate. If an object isn’t firmly lodged between vital components, you may be able to remove it. However, professional help will be needed if something is lodged by the springs. In a garage door, the springs have a lot of tension, which is why you shouldn’t interact with them for safety reasons.

Locking Issue

Most homeowners constantly try to open their garage door while it’s locked. Any system that’s designed with a locking feature has a handle that prevents the door from opening. Usually, kids accidentally move this handle while they play sports by the garage door during the day.

If the door doesn’t open after the lever isn’t locked, maintenance will be required. In this situation, you’ll benefit from hiring a specialist who services a garage door opener in Las Vegas.

Damaged Springs

The springs that are used in a typical garage door are designed strategically. If your system has torsion springs, they will be mounted on the top. Maintenance or repairs should be pursued if there is a gap between these springs. Extension springs are constructed differently, so they’re always mounted along the corner of a garage door. If a spring is hanging, this means that the door requires repair services. No matter what kind of springs you have, a professional must tackle all replacement or repair tasks because the entire process is dangerous.