Installing garage door decorative hardware is a great way to upgrade the look of your garage door. Decorative elements include a variety of ornamental parts and accessories, whether for the purpose of updating the design, adding functional elements, or increasing visual curb appeal. Such an upgrade doesn’t have to mean replacing your entire garage door. Here are some options for decorative hardware that are worth considering.

Types of Garage Door Decorative Hardware

There are many garage door decorative hardware options. For these most common types, you’ll find hardware with different designs, materials, and finishes. Most are generally suited for steel and wood garage doors and can typically be installed as a quick home DIY project. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Handles: Popular for carriage house garage doors and any door that opens from the center, handles add both charm and function. On that level they should be securely fastened. You don’t want a handle below shoulder height.
  • Alternative types include lift handles, which attach to the bottom-center of the door and are not functional, and pull handles. These include curved and L-shaped handles that can provide a more vintage look for your garage door.
  • Hinges: When installed on the side of a garage door, hinges can create a rustic look. Decorative hinges are usually placed on the top and bottom where the door’s normal ones are, adding to the charm of carriage house or barn-style garage doors.
  • Corner brackets: Are two components joined at a right angle or wider angle that attach to the corners of the door. Like hinges, they help to add some visual definition.
  • Clavos: Bolt-like studs/nails used to decorate rustic or industrial garage doors. They are popular for doors with arched tops as well; numerous shapes, finishes, and materials are available to customize your design.
  • Ring Pullers: An alternative to handles, these ring-shaped knockers fit in the decorative/functional category. They can add charm that helps your garage door, and home, stand out (simple or more ornate ring pullers can achieve the desired effect).

Whether you prefer a subtle or more sophisticated visual upgrade, these are all good ways to update the look of your garage door. And you don’t need too many accessories to do so.

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Design Tips

Unlike with the basic components responsible for the operation of your garage door, there are no musts with decorative hardware. The options and designs chosen are entirely up to you. But here are some design tips to keep in mind when selecting hardware:

  • Choose one or two decorative elements; when installing decorative hardware, it is best to be simple and not overdo it.
  • Consider the design of your home and garage door; a handle or bracket should be consistent with the style of its surroundings (rustic, modern, etc.).
  • For functional and aesthetic purposes, carefully consider the placement of decorations.

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