How to Fix a Garage Door That’s Not Moving


How to Fix Your Garage Door That’s Stuck

There’s nothing like going to leave in the morning to realize that the garage door is sticking in Vegas. You’ll probably need to use an alternate way of getting where you need to go while you are figuring out the issue and identifying a functional solution. When the garage door is sticking, and you are not sure of the cause, use these simple tips to try to identify and rectify the problem before calling a company to perform a garage repair in Las Vegas.

Figure Out If Ice Is the Cause

When your garage door is sticking, it could simply be due to a buildup of ice that’s holding it in place. This may actually be the best-case scenario in this situation as you’ll simply be able to pour one or two buckets of hot water along the bottom of the door to melt through the ice and allow things to start moving again in most cases.

Inspect Your Remote’s Batteries

It can be surprising to know just how many homeowners think they have severe garage door mechanical issues in Vegas when the reality is that the problem is as straightforward as dead batteries in the remote. Garage batteries can come in different types, but all kinds should be simple to locate at any big-box retailer or hardware store.

See If the Door Can Be Opened Manually

To raise your garage door in Las Vegas by hand, tug on the red-corded rope to turn off the electricity. If you are still able to open the door by hand, the problem might be electrical instead of an issue with the door itself. Make sure that the attached opening unit on the garage ceiling has not gotten unplugged. If it is in place still, look and see if the breaker blew out. When this is the case, reset it and attempt to open it again.