Different Garage Door Styles

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How to Select a Garage Door Style

When you are searching for the right garage door for your home, there are a variety of different styles that you can select from, including a carriage style and traditional style. Each of these types of doors comes with their own unique benefits. Before you choose your garage door, you may want to be aware of the various styles at your disposal in order to make sure that the door matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Carriage Door Style

This is a style of door that was designed primarily to replicate the look of what is known as carriage houses. When made in this style, the door typically swings open from the center to make two separate doors that are latched together when closed. However, some of the modern designs with this style of door will fold open when you press a button on your door opener. This type of door is typically designed in a manner that provides three or four separate panels with small windows at the top.

Traditional Door Style

These doors are designed to match well with a wide range of home architectural styles that have been in use for hundreds of years, from popular American styles of colonial and Victorian to well-known European styles of Spanish and Tudor. These doors can be selected in a wide range of different colors and materials. The latest and most common type of traditional door is one that rolls upwards with an automatic mechanism. The door is separated into several hinged panels that are situated horizontally and are taken up onto overhead tracks when opened.

Raised Panel Door Style

This is a style of door that originally involved floating panels that are situated within a rail-and-style frame. However, modern raised-panel doors consist of solid panels that are meant solely to replicate the look of the original raised-panel doors. These doors can be found in a wide array of different materials, from fiberglass to aluminum. When you are searching for a new garage door in Las Vegas, these door styles should assist you in finding the door that’s right for you.