Consider Garage Door Trends When Looking to Upgrade


Garage doors are often overlooked as focal points of homes. Some of the latest innovations in door designs and construction are designed to enhance a property’s appeal while being more efficient.

Trends in Garage Door Designs

Depending on the location of your garage door, the feature can play a major role in terms of curb appeal. The construction materials used, the style and color used to make the door can make a style statement or turn your property into an eyesore. Whether thinking about selling your home or just desiring to update the look, there are a few trends worthy of considering as an investment.

Glass Doors

Frosted glass is one of the latest trends in garage doors. Classier than retro fiberglass, the look provides a sense of upscale style. Frosted glass doors are also beneficial if one has a garage workshop, as light more easily permeates to the interior. While doors can be made using traditional transparent glass, the frosted look provides privacy. Glass garage doors are available in many different styles. A new garage door in Las Vegas might pair frosted glass with aluminum, steel or wood features. When wanting a modern contemporary look, choose a style that includes natural finishes and straight lines.

Wood Doors

More and more homeowners are opting for wooden garage doors. The style choices are many and range from classic or rustic to luxurious. Depending on the overall design of your home, the entire door might consist of wood or have glass window accents. Wooden doors also provide a greater range of options in terms of the way they open and close. However, while wood garage doors are a hot ticket item, homeowners should be aware the cost could be double or triple compared to less expensive construction materials.

Insulated Doors

Reducing a carbon footprint and saving on energy costs have given rise to thinking about more sustainable home improvement options. Having an insulated garage door is one of the latest innovations to having a more energy-efficient space. Adding insulation is the ideal way to maintain climate control in your garage if the structure is attached to the home. The added protection also makes working on home projects within the garage more tolerable in very cold or hot climates. The cost to add this feature is comparable to installing a new door.