How to Choose the Best Type of Non-Vehicle Door for Your New Garage


In addition to the door that allows cars to come in and out of a garage, the structure also has one or more doors for people to use. Discover which types of doors would be best for your home’s newly installed garage.

Three Great Features for the Non-Vehicle Doors of Your Garage

When you are planning a garage installation in Las Vegas, you may spend a lot of time carefully considering what type of garage door to install so that your vehicles can enter and exit the structure. It is also important to consider the features of the “people doors.” These are the doors that allow you to go in and out of the garage without having to open the big door used by the cars.


Make sure that the people door for your newly installed garage can accommodate sturdy locks. A deadbolt lock provides an added layer of safety for you and your family. It is especially important to have a deadbolt lock installed onto the garage’s people door if you have an attached garage and that door leads into your house. Even if a burglar gets into the garage, locking the deadbolt could stop the burglar from getting into the house.

Energy Efficiency

For an attached garage, energy efficiency is an important consideration. If the garage is not air conditioned, a lot of heat can build up in the space. That heat can leak into your home, taxing the central air conditioning system. Consider an insulated door leading into your house. The insulated door reduces unwanted air exchange between your home’s living spaces and the garage storage area.

Weather Resistance

Detached garages typically have at least one people door for egress. Attached garages may also have an additional people door to the backyard. This door needs to be weatherproof so that it can resist extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, precipitation and wind. A steel-reinforced door is a good choice. These durable doors can also resist a burglar’s attempt to kick the door in and gain entry to the items stored in your garage.