What Causes Noisy Garage Doors?


Common Causes for Noisy Garage Doors

If your garage door makes loud noises when you open and close it, it could come down to a number of different causes, often simply caused by wear and tear. Loose parts, worn out parts, and a lack of lubrication can all cause your door to make noise and can generally be fixed with a simple solution.

Loose Parts

Oftentimes, the noise your garage door makes is caused by loose nuts and bolts. Wear and tear on these parts after extended use can cause them to vibrate and grind. Having these parts fixed can eliminate noise, but it can also help to extend the life of your garage door. This fix is relatively simple, but it requires an eye for detail. A professional Las Vegas garage door repair company can make sure to tighten every nut, bolt and screw.

Worn Out Parts

With time and use, various parts of your garage door mechanism will wear out. Parts that can cause noise include the rollers, hinges, tracks and springs, among others. Additionally, when these parts are worn out, it can cause a safety risk or cause your door to stop working entirely. Listen carefully when you open or close your garage door to determine which part is causing the noise. This part will likely need to be completely replaced.

Lack of Lubrication

Over time, the lubrication on your tracks, springs and other parts can dry out. This is especially true when you live in a hot desert climate, like Las Vegas. When this happens, your garage door will generally make a squeaking noise rather than a vibration or grinding noise. You can sometimes fix this issue by adding some lubricant, like WD-40. However, if this does not work, or the noise comes back, you may want to consider calling a professional as it may require some parts to be replaced.