Garage Flooring Options

Your garage may be a utility space, but it doesn't have to be an unattractive one. With so many garage flooring options to choose from, there is no reason your work space can't be just as nice as the rest of your home. Consider these options if it's time for a new garage floor in [...]

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The Pros of Having a Garage

{Image Source:} The pros of having a garage are numerous. Living in Las Vegas, I'm sure you know how it is to step out of your house on a 90+ degree day, just to go start your car. And if you have leather...forget about it! After running the engine for five minutes [...]

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Painting Your Garage Floor

The one area in most garages that gets overlooked is the garage floor. Most of us have had that one vehicle that leaks oil or transmission fluid and leaves an ever-lasting puddle of fluid on your garage floor. Eventually we end up just throwing down a piece of cardboard or pile of kitty litter to [...]

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