How to Transform the Look of Your Garage Door

The garage door is not only a feature that improves the functionality of the property, but it’s also a product that contributes to the style of the home. When you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you can consider giving your garage door a facelift. Here are a few ways to transform the exterior of your garage door and allow it to stand out in the neighborhood.

Choose a Different Color Shade

Your garage door’s color shade is one of the most significant features that influence how well it blends in with the rest of the home and if it looks contemporary. Consider painting it a different color shade to ensure that it looks updated and modern. Some of the top color shades for garage doors include black, white, and gray. You can even add extra contrast to the door by using two different color shades for added visual appeal. Gel stain is a great product to use that is durable and will withstand the elements.

Install Wood Overlay

If you want to make your garage door look transformed without installing a new product is to add a wood overlay. You can create a carriage house overlay design and choose different color stains that complement the style of your home. Adding faux painted hardware will also transform the style of the garage door with a decorative touch that is upscale.

Add Faux Windows

Although it may be difficult to install new windows on garage doors in Henderson, you can create the illusion of having windows with the use of paint. Faux windows will work as a decorative element that requires exterior primer and blue tape. Create a cross on each window before applying all-surface enamel, which will glide on smoothly. Paint the new windows on a sunny day to ensure that it dries well and doesn’t get wet. Painting on the windows can allow the feature to last longer instead of using an adhesive material.