How to Prepare Your Garage for an Earthquake

Maybe your house is prepared for an earthquake, but what about your garage? Your garage can be the weak link when an earthquake strikes. Here are some tips to help you prepare your garage for this natural disaster and keep you, your car and your home safe.

Build Storage Areas away from Garage Windows

If you’re using your garage for storage space as well as a place to park your car, then keep the storage areas away from the windows. In an earthquake, large furniture and appliances can move. If the edge of a shelf located near a window smashes against it, this will not only cause damage, but pose a security risk that will allow individuals to break into your home.

Add Seismic Support to your Garage Door and Walls

Bracing your garage door and walls with reinforced steel or plywood can improve your garage’s chances of withstanding an earthquake. This is especially true if you have living space above your garage. Without reinforcement, your garage may not be able to withstand the pressure and the whole structure could collapse. If you’re not able to install the additional steel or plywood yourself, Las Vegas garage door repair experts can assist you with the installation and any required upgrades.

Have Manual Garage Door Operation as a Backup

If an earthquake cuts off the electricity, make sure that you can still open your garage door. Install a device that will allow you to manually open your garage door without putting yourself in the dangerous position of heaving the garage door open from the bottom.