Common Reasons for Garage Door Noises

A garage door that makes loud noises each time you open it can be a serious problem because it might limit how often you use your garage. These sounds can relate to a variety of different problems that repair technicians can fix. Learning more about the more common reasons for a noisy garage door can help you talk with your repair tech.

Lack of Insulation

A lack of insulation is one common reason for a noisy garage door. If you scrapped two pieces of metal together, you would hear a loud shrieking sound that made your ears hurt. The same thing happens when you have a metal garage door because the metal of that door will come into contact with the track and other metal parts. The sound can be softer when you first install the door and grow worse over time because the metal keeps rubbing against each other. Adding some insulation that separates the parts will stop these noises.

Bent Parts

Henderson garage repair technicians often find that the noises homeowners hear occur because of bent parts. The track itself is one of the parts that can increases the noises coming from your garage door once it bends. You might bend the track because you close the door too quickly or because you accidentally backed into the door. Techs can try bending the track back into shape to prevent these sounds, but they may need to replace the track because of more serious damage.

No Lubrication

Some homeowners hear strange noises coming from their garage doors because those doors lack any type of lubrication. A simple spray of the right type of oil can lubricate the track and help the door more easily move along that track. Repair techs can examine the track and the door to see if you need any additional repairs. These techs will tell you exactly what you need to soften a noisy garage door.