The Dangers of Not Fixing Garage Door Issues

If you notice that your garage door is crooked, is not closing properly or is experiencing pest or water damage, have it inspected. Doing so could save you from having to replace it before it is otherwise necessary to do so. It could also result in avoiding property damage or bodily injury to a guest or family member.

Insurance May Cover the Cost of Replacing Your Door

Depending on the reason for damage to your garage door, your homeowner’s insurance policy may help to pay for some of the cost to do so. However, if the damage was caused by neglect, your homeowner’s policy may not cover any of the costs incurred to repair or replace it. Furthermore, your auto insurance policy may not cover damage to a vehicle caused by a door closing on it if the incident occurred because of owner neglect.

You’re Liable for Protecting Your Guests

Let’s say that you had a client meeting in your home office that could only be accessed through the garage. If the door accidentally closed on that person while walking into the garage, it could cause significant injury. The same is true if a child that you were babysitting were hurt by a malfunctioning door closing. Even if you aren’t worried about liability, you likely don’t want to see anyone get hurt while on your property if you can prevent an accident from happening.

Emergency Service Can Be Sought

No matter when you notice a problem with your garage, a technician can be at your home within hours to perform an inspection of your garage doors in Las Vegas. If necessary, work to any repair problems with your doors can be completed soon after. This makes it easy to ensure that your home is safe and secure for those who live or otherwise spend time in it.