Simple Tips for Making a Garage Safer

Garages have the potential for being dangerous for many different reasons. Substances commonly stored are often flammable and could cause a fire. Tools and sharp implements may cause injury if not stored properly. The number of items stored in the space can also pose a problem. Garage doors have been implicated in many accidents. However, with a few tips, garages serve their purpose without having a potential for harm.


A lack of organization remains one of the leading causes that contribute to garage injuries. Items stored improperly have the chance to fall. Clutter leads to tripping and falling. Consider installing cabinets, hooks, racks or shelves to secure items. Stackable containers protect items that might be used infrequently along with clearing floor space. Frequently used implements and tools should be positioned within reach. Other items can be placed overhead out of the way. Keep flammable or toxic items out of the reach of children, heated areas or open flames.

Garage Doors

Modern automatic garage doors have become safer. However, accidents have also been known to occur. Children, in particular, are common victims. Garage door opener controls should never be in the reach of children. Little ones should also never be allowed to play with the controls. Caution youngsters about putting their fingers between the door panels. Make sure you know the method needed to engage the emergency release if needed. Take the time to inspect the cables, pulleys, rollers, and springs of your garage doors in Las Vegas at least once each month for signs of deterioration. Test the reversing mechanism from time to time by putting an item in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse, call a repair service.

Fire Hazards

House fires often begin in garages. Gasoline, greasy rags, paint thinner, sawdust, and wood are commonly stored items that ignite when fumes or particles come in contact with space or water heaters or other appliances. Fires need fuel, heat, and oxygen. If using the garage as a workshop. Promptly clean the debris afterward. Store combustible liquids in tight-sealing containers far from heat sources. Dispose of greasy rags or paper products. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and within reach. Install a smoke alarm.