Modern Safety Features That Are Equipped on New Garage Doors

If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door Las Vegas, you should be on the lookout for safety features that will keep your door from malfunctioning while also protecting you and your vehicles from injury or damage. Garage doors can weigh at least 130 pounds and as much as 400, which is why safety features should be of paramount concern when shopping for a new door. There are a variety of modern safety features that can be outfitted on a garage door, which include auto-reverse mechanisms and motion detection.

Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse feature is nowadays included with the vast majority of garage doors. When this feature is equipped on a garage door, a couple of sensors will detect any instance when a person or item is positioned within the trajectory of the garage door. In the event that an obstruction is identified, the door will stop closing and will instead reverse to the open position until the obstacle has been removed and you’ve signaled the door to close again with your garage remote.

Manual Control

A manual control feature can be more important to your safety than you might realize. Even though most modern garage doors are motorized, manual controls can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios. If there’s a power outage in your home from a recent storm, the presence of a manual control system will allow you to open your garage door and get to work or run errands without needing to call a taxi. Manual control features usually work by having you disconnect the electronic system from the door, which will allow you to open the door by hand.

Motion Detection

Motion detection sensors are commonly placed in modern garage doors to detect whenever someone enters the garage with their vehicle. The garage lights will turn on when the sensors are activated and can stay on for several minutes, which can provide you with home security while also helping you see at night.