If you’ve talked to anyone who’s had a garage sale, they will tell you it’s not an easy undertaking. There are some serious garage salers out there so you better be prepared. So if it’s your first time having a garage sale, here’s some tips to help it go smoothly.

We’ve come a long way from posting flyers on telephone poles to advertise your garage sale. To help make you garage sale successful, make sure to advertise online. Craigslist is a must but its also a good idea to post on your local newspapers website and advertise on any social sites you may belong to such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people now use garage sale finder apps on their phones, so it worth taking a look at what apps are out there if you have a smart phone or tablet.

Price Tags
Be sure to put a price tag on everything you intend to sell. This will help you avoid being asked ‘How much is this?’ every two minutes. Make sure the tag is clearly visible for anyone looking at the item. Know that most people will want to negotiate so price things accordingly.

Keep Sets Together
If you plan on selling sets of items like cups or plates, it’s a good idea to put them in plastic bag together so that the buyer knows you intend on selling all the items together.

Have a Free Pile
If you have damaged items or things you just want to give away, it’s a good idea to have a ‘free’ pile that’s marked with a sign. Not only will this help you get rid of unwanted items, it will also help to attract people that are just driving by.

Put Items Not For Sale Away
If you have things that you have no intention of selling, you may want to put them away or move them away from the area where you are selling. If you are on the fence about an item, perhaps leave it unmarked and close by to see if someone makes an offer.

Place Larger Items Closer To The Street
Bulky items such as furniture or appliances should be placed closer to the street to make it easier for the buyer to load the items in their vehicle.

Have Extension Cords Available
When you are displaying electrical items, people are going to want to know if they work. Have an extension cord handy so that you can plug in any electrical items to show potential buyers.

Watch Your Money
Don’t ever leave your cash bank unattended. There’s nothing worse than doing all the hard work to put on a garage sale just to have your money stolen from you. Don’t leave young children in charge of the money either without supervision.

Invite Your Neighbors and Family
Before you have garage sale, check with your neighbors and family to see if they have items they may want to sell. The more items you have on display, the greater your chances attracting customers. It’s also nice to have an extra helping hand to set-up and tear down when the day is done.

Garage Sales aren’t easy but with some careful planning and preparation your garage sale can go smoothly and you can make some extra cash as well!