Why You Should Install Child Safety Systems for Garage Doors

Child safety systems for garage doors are extremely important, especially if the garage is the main entrance into your home. Both children and adults often do not realize the potential dangers that exist when child safety systems are not installed on garage doors in Las Vegas. One example of a child safety system is an emergency release. This is used in case someone is pinned by the door. Another device you should also make sure to have installed is a push-button wall control.

Garage Doors Aren’t Toys

Many homeowners do not realize that a garage door is the biggest moving object in the home, and it is very important that it provides safe and trouble-free operation. This is especially important when there are young children at home since there is a possibility for dangerous hazards when garage doors are broken or improperly adjusted. You should also make sure that children are not allowed to play with or use any remote controls or transmitters that come with garage doors. In addition, garage door openers in Las Vegas that are the push button wall control types should be mounted at least five feet from the floor so that children cannot play with them.

Never Play Beat the Door

Although garage doors and garage door openers may look like toys to children, you should never allow them to play with either of them. Many people, both children and adults, like to play “beat the door” since this is often shown on TV and movies where an action hero beats a closing door just in time. A garage door can exert deadly force and being hit by a closing garage door or being trapped underneath one can lead to serious injury or death.

Protect Your Children and Check the Safety and Function of Your Garage Doors

Do not treat garage doors like any other ordinary door in your home. In order to protect your children, you should have your garage door checked twice a year for safety and maintenance. You should also teach your children the importance of following safety precautions when operating a garage door and make them aware of the hazards they pose. Most accidents occur when the operating panel is used to and someone makes a dash for the door to exit. Make sure that your children never do this.