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How to Choose Between Rolling and Sectional Garage Doors

When you are in the midst of shopping for garage doors in Las Vegas, you’ll find two main overhead options. They are sectional garage doors and rolling doors. While these designs are similar in many respects, they also have distinct differences that you should be aware of before you make a final decision on which garage door you’ll select for your new home.

What Is a Rolling Garage Door?

A rolling garage door is always made from a number of individual metal slat pieces that are placed together during the main assembly to create a coiled design that can be rolled up into the top of the garage when the door is opened. Because of the durability that this type of door provides, it is commonly used with commercial and industrial buildings. The slats can either be aluminum or steel. The coiled design allows the slats to roll up into one another, which helps to save space.

What Is a Sectional Garage Door?

A sectional garage door is constructed with anywhere from 3-8 panels and is designed to slide up and into an overhead space of your garage. With this type of door, you can park directly in front of the garage without worrying about the door hitting your vehicle when it’s being opened. Sectional doors can also have a variety of different configurations, which includes a side-sliding design that allows the door to open from either side.

Primary Differences Between Both Options

Rolling garage doors have only a single design that uses horizontal lines with slight differences in the size of the slats. These doors are also only made from metal. On the other hand, sectional doors can come with many distinct designs and can be made from wood, aluminum, or fiberglass materials. Sectional doors can have a raised panel design or a flushed panel design. Keep in mind that sectional garage doors require more space in the garage for installation than rolling doors.