Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

It isn’t uncommon for children to play in finished garages or ride their bikes on the driveway. This puts them in close proximity with a garage door whether it is open or closed. In some cases, it puts them in close proximity to a garage door that is closing. What can parents do to make sure their kids are safe in and around a garage?

Children Should Never Run Under a Closing Door

In the event that a garage door is closing, your child should be taught to stay clear until it has finished doing so. Once the door is closed, your child can either open it again or use a side door to get in or out. Keypads can also be installed on a garage door that can be opened by using a password if a side door is locked and no remote opener is nearby.

Don’t Try to Run Under a Door That Is Opening Either

If a garage door is in the process of opening, it isn’t a good idea to try to run under it. This is because it is possible to misjudge how fast it is rising or misjudge how far it has actually lifted from the ground. Therefore, there is a chance that a smaller child or teen could run into the door and experience a significant injury.

Regular Inspections Can Keep Your Door Working Properly

Ideally, you will have a yearly garage door repair in Las Vegas performed by a professional. This will make it possible to catch minor issues or properly diagnose larger issues that the door may have. A garage door that is working properly is less likely to hurt someone or otherwise cause headaches for homeowners or others who live in a home.