Ways to Increase the Life Span of Your Garage Door

Most garage doors are used multiple times each day when parking the car indoors or when using the garage to store various types of tools and yard equipment. Although the product is built to last, it can begin to wear down over time due to excess use. If you want to increase the life span of the materials to ensure that your door lasts for long-term, there are a few important tips that will increase the time before you need a new garage door in Las Vegas.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Many homeowners make the mistake of not reading the owner’s manual that comes with the garage door, but it allows you to understand how the door works and describes the different parts that are involved. Knowing the ins and outs of these features will allow you to become familiar with the pieces and how they function. Getting to know your garage door model will also make it easier to determine when a part is missing or needs to be repaired.

Test the Product

Testing the garage door every few months will allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that it’s working properly and is not at risk of major problems. Check the door balance to determine if the cables or springs need to be adjusted. Unplug the product and manually close the garage door halfway to determine if it stays put or closes shut, which will indicate if it’s safe to use. You’ll need to contact a professional if it immediately closes; that’s when you may need a replacement garage door.

Inspect the Caulking

The weather stripping and caulking are important garage door components because they prevent drafts and block environmental elements or insects from entering the interior setting. Look for discoloration or cracking that has occurred, which means that the weather stripping needs to be replaced. If insulation is also present, you’ll need to inspect it to determine if it’s damaged or has become loose. Proper insulation is necessary to control the temperature of the interior setting, which will reduce the cost of your energy bill throughout the year.

You can also examine the rollers and fasteners to determine if the parts need to be lubricated, which allows them to operate smoothly when the door opens and closes.