When Should I Get My Garage Door Repaired?

Do you worry about your garage? Specifically, your garage door? Is that because your garage door makes funny noises when you operate your electric door opener? Does it not open or close as it should? While you probably will not have to replace your garage door, you will still need to act quickly as minor problems such as a required garage door spring repair can turn major after only a short time.

When You Can Simply Repair Your Garage Door

If your door starts to close but then opens again, your garage door probably has a misalignment of your garage’s photo eye mechanism. You could see for yourself if one of the units got moved. If you find this isn’t the case, the wire that joins the units might have gotten severed. If your door starts jerking when it opens, the lifting cables might have broken. Observe the tracks on the side of your garage door. If you see that they are okay, you might have a broken roller. If you have a door that makes loud noises when it opens, you probably have damaged tracks.

When You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

As long as you take care of your garage door, it can last for decades. All you will need to do on your end is perform regular maintenance tasks such as lubricating the moving parts. However, not all issues can get repaired. If you have sections of your garage door that got damaged, you will probably have to replace your garage door. This need for replacement comes from the fact that damaged parts can lead to other issues such as rust.

If you want to sell your family home, you might wonder if your garage door will make your house less desirable. In this case, think about buying a brand-new garage door. Not only will you get a high return on investment, but your house will sell more quickly. Your garage door acts as a dangerous object that moves. Therefore, you don’t want to mess around when it comes to the safety of your family.