DIY Garage Door Maintenance to Do Yourself

When it comes to maintaining your home and keeping it functional, the garage door is an important feature that often needs attention periodically. The feature has many different parts and needs to be maintained to avoid repairs or issues that can occur over time. If you want to perform a bit of the maintenance without the help of a professional, there are a few tasks that you can do yourself without training or experience required.

Lubricate and Tighten the Parts

One of the most important steps to take to maintain your garage door is to tighten the bolts and lubricate the parts. Use garage door lubricant on the hinges, springs, and rollers to ensure that the parts don’t wear down quickly and can continue to function well each time that the door opens and closes. Motor oil can also be applied to the springs every few years. The garage door opener chain should also be lubricated with a light oil.

Perform a Visual Evaluation

Evaluate the garage door visually to determine if any of the springs have rust on them or if they’re damaged. You also want to see if any of the fasteners are worn down or if the rollers are crooked to ensure that you can hire a professional who performs garage door repair in Henderson to fix the issue. You can also expect to replace the springs every five to 10 years.

Test the Door

Testing the different functions and mechanisms of the garage door is necessary to determine if problems are present or are developing. Begin by testing the automatic reversal system to ensure that the door doesn’t close if an object is in the way. The door should immediately reverse once it comes in contact with a block that is placed on the ground. The emergency manual release features should also be tested. The feature should move easily without much force and not get stuck partially when it’s opened or closed.