Why Garage Doors Come Off Their Tracks

After garage door opener malfunctions, many Las Vegas garage door repair calls have to do with doors coming off their tracks. The leading reason for this is that people sometimes forget that the door is closed and accidentally hit it with their vehicles. That cause is obvious, but there are also causes that are less obvious but can usually be spotted in advance.

Improper Track Alignment

Track alignment is very important since it ensures proper weight distribution and also avoids unnecessary wear and tear. Alignment can shift over time as brackets and other equipment loosen through use. Proper alignment is why it’s so important to perform routine visual inspections as well as schedule professional inspections from time to time. Minor adjustments can extend equipment lifespan considerably.

Tracks Bend Under Weight

Although less common than alignment issues, tracks can bend under the weight of the doors. It’s possible that there was a manufacturing flaw in the track, which a warranty will usually cover. More commonly, when this occurs, it happens because the homeowner or installer chose tracks that were not properly rate for the door and other equipment installed.

Rollers Wear Out

Even in an optimized, well-maintained environment, rollers will wear out over time. Inspections can reveal when these items are succumbing to wear and tear and should be replaced. However, many professionals recommend proactively replacing them about every two years, which just about as long as what the usual roller warranty covers.

Broken Lift Cables

Modern lift cables generally don’t break unless they are very old. If there was an imperfection introduced during the manufacturing process, then they will tend to break early and will therefore be covered. Although breaks are rare, it’s a good idea to inspect them visually at least every three months and replace if there’s any indication of fraying.