There are a number of reasons why a defective garage door can be a hazard to pets. Specific examples are given, along with what to do if your garage door has any of these problems.

Reasons Why You Should Repair a Defective Door

Pets will usually roam into a garage when the door is left open. If an animal constantly gains access and you have a defective door, a number of things could happen.

Bruises and Nicks

A faulty garage door mechanism can be very dangerous if your pets like to play and roam around your property. As the door opens and closes, a sensor scans the ground. When the sensor isn’t operating properly, a pet could get crushed as the broken garage door drops to the ground. If the springs aren’t in great condition, an animal could gain a more serious injury. This is possible because the springs hold the garage door panel in place. Once a spring and other vital components are worn out, the entire door might smash onto the ground while a pet is standing near the panels.

Breathing Issues

In a typical garage, most homeowners store dozens of chemicals and toxic automotive products for an automobile. When a garage door doesn’t shut completely, a pet may begin to play in the general area. Pets don’t understand that gas fumes are toxic, so they will continue to play while constantly breathing in the polluted air. The situation could get worse if an animal knocks over a fuel container and drinks the liquid. These are the main reasons why you shouldn’t delay garage repair in Las Vegas when the panel stops before completely reaching the ground.

Driving Hazards

Puppies like to run and tumble underneath objects that are cool throughout the summer. However, this can lead to a risky situation if the animals go into a garage that has a broken door. As you drive your car out of the garage, you may roll a tire on a puppy if the animal is under the vehicle. By fixing the door so that it will close, you’ll never have to deal with this unpleasant event.