All garage doors make some noise, but some make enough noise to be disruptive to you and your neighbors. Here’s what you need to do to fix that loud, obnoxious garage door.

Fixing an Extremely Noisy Garage Door

No one wants to be the house on the block that causes sound pollution and is constantly bothering the neighbors. If your garage door makes an excessive amount of noise, you might unwillingly find yourself becoming that annoying neighbor. Here’s what to do to get that loud garage door under control.

Determine the Source of The Problem

There are generally two reasons why a garage door will be making an excessive amount of noise. The first reason is because the opening and closing mechanism is rusty, causing the wheels on the track to drag. If you hear a whining or screeching sound, that’s probably what the problem is. The second reason why a garage door makes too much noise is because the motor itself is in a state of disrepair and needs maintenance. If you hear a loud booming sound, like a car without a muffler, that’s probably the issue.

Call in The Pros

A service that provides garage repair in Las Vegas will be able to help you fix a noisy garage door, no matter what the root of the issue is. The sooner you call in the pros, the sooner they can perform the garage door maintenance you need to reduce the excess noise your garage door is producing.

Take Care of The Issue

It’s important to get your garage door fixed as quickly as possible if it’s making excess noise. After all, no one wants to be known as the noisy or disruptive neighbor. Call the pros and get rid of the annoying sound your garage door is making.