When the environment around a garage door changes, the process of activating key operational mechanisms can be a hassle. However, by making several simple adjustments, a garage door opener will function efficiently in a variety of locations.

How to Increase a Garage Door Opener’s Range

Because trees and other elements can affect how efficiently a garage door opener operates, a homeowner must know how to make key adjustments to boost performance. Many garage door gadgets have the same components, and the key mechanisms that open and close a garage can be enhanced by implementing a few easy procedures.

Use a New Antenna

Many modern garage door openers have an antenna that’s attached to the casing. This antenna is long and functions well during typical situations. However, you can modify its range by wrapping it with bell wire. When attaching the wire, ensure that the metal components are linked up properly. The process of tackling this task successfully is easy because there are gaps where the wire should run through.

Adjust the Frequency

New and old garage door openers have a different frequency. Modern units operate on a range of 315 MHz, and vintage gadgets function at 390 MHz. Any garage door opener in Las Vegas that was manufactured before 1993 probably has multiple dipswitches. In order to change the frequency for a modern device, you must install another circuit board. You can also adjust a modern garage door opener’s range by operating an external receiver. Because older garage door openers have outdated components, you may have problems changing the range in an efficient manner. If the process seems too challenging, you should replace your old opener with a new gadget.