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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Can Become Stuck

One issue with garage doors that can be frustrating to deal with is when the door becomes stuck when it’s opening or closing, which can make it impossible to actually use your garage until the issue has been fixed. This problem can be even worse in situations where your car is inside the garage when the door becomes stuck. In order to understand how to deal with these issues, you should first be aware of why they happen in the first place.

Issues Caused by Poor Weather

During the colder winter months, one of the most common causes for your door becoming stuck is poor weather. It’s possible that ice has built up around some of the garage door components like the springs, which can cause your door to have difficulties with opening and closing to the point where the door won’t move at all. If a spring is broken because of the bad weather, you need to obtain services for garage door repair in Henderson instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself. Professional technicians have the expertise necessary to replace the spring without damaging the rest of the door.

Track Problems

It’s common for issues with the track of your garage door to cause the door to become stuck. These issues include the presence of a track obstruction that causes the rollers to stop moving, the garage door being off the track entirely, and a damaged track, the latter of which can occur with even a small bend in the metal. Most track problems will require experienced professionals who understand how to work with the door components.

Jammed Pulley

The spring and pulley system in your garage door must operate smoothly in order for the door to be pulled upwards and lower properly. When the pulley system becomes jammed, your garage door will likely become stuck until the issue is fixed. These are just a few of the many problems that can cause a garage door to become stuck, all of which require a repair company to fix.