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Types of Wood Used for Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is one of the more popular materials used in the making of garage doors due to its high aesthetic appeal. When you are selecting one of these doors, there are a variety of different types of wood for you to consider, from cedar wood to mahogany. Each of these types of wood have their own distinct benefits, allowing you to select the one that best matches your preferences. Some woods are more durable than others while other woods have particularly high resistance to moisture damage.

Cedar Wood

This is a strong and durable type of wood that is designed with a high resistance to damage from both insects and moisture. It will not warp or crack and is comprised of porous characteristics. The porous nature of this wood has the added benefit of making the door lighter in weight, which means that your garage door opener will have less strain on it every time the door opens or closes. These doors usually come with substantial insulation and can be finished in a large variety of stains or paints. This wood can also be left in an unfinished state if you want it to have a more natural appearance.

Reclaimed Wood

This is a type of wood that can be made into any style of garage door, from rustic to contemporary. The primary benefit associated with this type of wood is that the wood is not taken from trees that have been newly cut down. This wood is taken from locations where it has fallen from trees and remained in place for years, which also means that it has become seasoned.

Mahogany Wood

This is a popular wood that is as beautiful as it is strong and durable. It has a rich grain with a moderate shine and primarily comes in a natural red-brown tone. Once you have identified the wood that you would like your door to be made from, you can start searching for your new garage door in Las Vegas.