What Causes Damage to a Garage Door Track?

Nearly every garage door in the world has a track that features metal pieces or pieces from another material that let the door smoothly slide open and closed. Damage to that track can make the door stick as it tries to lift and lower, which is frustrating when you’re in a hurry. Finding out the common causes of garage track damage can help you avoid damaging the new track that experts install.

Car Accidents

When you try to back out or pull in too quickly and before the door finishes moving, it’s easy to scrape your car against that door. Though you may think that you’re safe because you don’t notice any damage, there is a chance that you bent the track. Scraping against the door can make it shift and go off the track while also bending the track.

Too Much Weight on the Door

When decorating for the holidays, you might feel tempted to hang wreaths and other heavy decorations on your garage door, especially if you don’t open that door very often. Las Vegas garage door experts warn against this because the weight will keep the door from following the track. Not only can the door slip off the track, but those decorations can fall off and dent or ding the track on the way down.


Though Las Vegas doesn’t get as much annual rainfall as other cities do, any rain that does fall can damage your garage track. That moisture can fall through any cracks around the door and cause rust on the track. You may find that the water puddles inside the track, which can make the rusting so bad that it actually eats through the track. The expert help that you get from a Las Vegas garage company will remove the damage to the garage door track done by some of these typical reasons.