How You Can Benefit From a Contemporary Garage Door

Everything You Should Know About Contemporary Garage Doors

While you are searching for garage doors in Henderson, you may consider getting a contemporary design. This style is becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners. If your home has been crafted in a modern architectural style, you may want to consider placing a contemporary garage door alongside it.

What Is Contemporary Architectural Style?

The contemporary architectural style largely began in the 1970s and is known for using clean and simple lines along with functional details. This style can feature both straight and curvy lines and typically uses neutral colors to emphasize these lines, the primary of which include black and white. The texture used with these doors is almost always simplistic with a flat panel design. Ornate flourishes are uncommon with the contemporary architectural style.

Common Designs on Contemporary Doors

Contemporary doors can come in a wide variety of different designs and looks to them, which provides you with the opportunity to make your door a unique one compared to other garage doors in your neighborhood. Almost all of these doors will come with horizontal lines. Many will also include a series of windows, which can be positioned in numerous locations around the door. Clear tempered glass is common for any of the doors that are equipped with windows.

Primary Materials Used With Contemporary Garage Doors

While contemporary garage doors can be made from any material, the materials that are most commonly used are steel and aluminum. Since many of these doors consist of neutral colors of black or white, metal materials work well with this style. Aluminum and steel can also come with a grainy texture that provides the door with a wood-like appearance. Whether you select a contemporary garage door or a more traditional design, make sure that you choose a good install company to ensure that the door is placed properly into your garage.