There was a time when a garage door was simple. Youโ€™d open it up to drive away, press the button to close it, and repeat the process when you came home. Garage doors are no longer that simple, as numerous smart devices have flooded the market. Smart controllers with a variety of convenient functions are available; many of them connect to your home network via Wi-Fi.

Here is a look at some of the latest devices:

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub

This system doesnโ€™t even need wires. Just attach the base station to a bracket that bolts to the ceiling, while the sensor unit adheres to the door. MyQ lets you open or close the garage door remotely using a smartphone app. Compatible with iOS and Android, it even lets you check the status of the door. The system is compatible with Google Assistant.


In addition to remote access, Garadget also provides voice control, at a reasonably low cost. Its sensor system consists of a reflective tag that sits on the top panel of a garage door. A laser contacts this tag to indicate the door is closed. The device even comes with its own Amazon Alexa skill and supports custom commands via Google Assistant.


A device that supports up to three doors. Wired to the garage door opener, it can connect to third-party cameras to deliver live images via a proprietary app on your mobile device. It works with cameras from brands such as Insteon and Nest. A tilt sensor, which attaches to the top of the garage door, is used for position detection. The sensor is powered by two AAA batteries.

Alcidae Garager 2

The two-in-one camera/door controller can be managed from a smartphone app and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa using Wi-Fi. Attached via a magnet to the bottom of the garage door, the surveillance camera offers 1080p color resolution, night vision video, and two-way audio. Voice commands open and close the door, while you can monitor your garage on video any time.

Tailwind iQ3

Tailwind iQ3 can control up to three doors and offers the reliability of a wired setup. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the device is an automation system that supports automatic opening and closing of garage doors as well as scheduling using voice commands. It also integrates user management. On the downside, installation requires running wires through your garage and, to use it with an iPhone, a separate vehicle sensor package must be installed.

Nexx Garage

Nexx Garage allows automatic garage door operation and remote access from iOS and Android devices. You can use voice commands to control your door, without installing IFTT applets on your device. Installation requires attaching two sensors to the door, precisely within ยผ inch of one another. The top sensor includes a wire that is strung across the garage space. Otherwise, setup and voice-assistant integration are simple.

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