10 Tips to Secure Your Garage Door and Protect Your Home 

Your garage can be utilized in many ways, from setting up your home gym to creating a workspace for your creative projects. As a homeowner, you must ensure your belongings inside your garage and home are safe and secure. Unfortunately, burglars have found ways to enter your home through your garage door, which you might not have considered. Here are ten garage door security tips to keep in mind and to help you prevent burglars from breaking in.

1. Always Remember to Close the Door

  • Close your garage door when you arrive home or finish working inside your garage. 
  • A garage door monitor can help alert you when your door is open.

2. Keep the Clicker Inside

  • Instead of leaving the garage door opener inside your car, use a keyring to attach it to your car keys.
  • This method will ensure the device stays with you where burglars can’t access it.

3. Use Motion-Activated Lights

  • Install motion-activated lights by the door and garage door windows to dissuade burglars from targeting your home.
  • Choose lights that can detect movement from a significant distance.

4. Shield Your Lock

  • Consider using a garage door shield to cover the emergency release cord.
  • The shield will make it impossible for burglars to use the cord to open your garage door and break into your home.

5. Use a Smart Garage Door Opener

  • A smart garage door opener has many built-in security features, such as a monitor, self-closing and locking system, lighting controls, and smartphone connection.
  • Even if someone can force your garage door open, you’ll receive an alert on your phone, allowing you to contact the authorities immediately.

6. Consider Using Security Cameras

  • Use security cameras with motion sensors for your garage door to monitor your property and receive notifications on your smartphone when someone approaches.

7. Lock the Track

  • Lock the track from the inside using an existing latch or drill one yourself.
  • Secure a padlock above the roller, preventing the garage door from opening.

8. Block the View of Your Stuff

  • Use blinds, curtains, or translucent window film to shield the view inside your garage.

9. Consider Your Landscaping

  • Get rid of large shrubs or trees that might block the view of entry points from the street.
  • Plant thorny bushes or shrubs in front of windows to deter burglars.

10. Secure the Door Into Your Home

  • Install a deadbolt to secure the door leading into your home from the garage.
  • Secure any additional service or side door leading outside like you’d secure a door leading into your home.

Consider these tips to keep your garage door secure and protect your home. If you need assistance with installation and repairs, Precision Overhead Garage Door Service is here to help with the best garage door brands in the industry.