How to Protect Your Garage Door from the Elements

The garage door is one-third of your house and should be maintained well like the other features of the building. Over time, the door can begin to wear down and deteriorate due to exposure to environmental elements. If you want to protect the parts and materials, there are a few necessary steps to take as a homeowner.

Lubricate the Parts

The internal parts of your garage door can develop rust and deteriorate on humid days, making it essential to keep the rollers and track lubricated. You’ll want to grease the parts monthly to keep everything running smoothly and avoid damage that can occur. Replacing the weatherstripping will also prevent leaves, grime, and debris from entering the garage each day. Look for weatherstripping that is cracked or is falling apart and hire a professional who performs garage repair in Las Vegas to replace the material.

Install Insulation

Insulation is an important part of any building, including your home’s garage. You’ll need to add insulation to prevent direct sunlight from having a harmful impact on your garage door and increasing the temperature of the interior setting. You may also want to use covers on the sensors to ensure that they continue to work well and aren’t damaged by direct sunlight in the spring and summer seasons.

Install a Surge Protector

During storms or inclement weather, garage doors can often lose their power if it’s exposed to water. You’ll want to install a surge protector to ensure that everything continues to work well. A surge protector will offer peace of mind and will allow the safety reversing sensors, AC power line, and garage door control panel to operate well and will reduce the risk of damage. Investing in a surge protector can allow you to avoid having to replace the main parts of the garage when there’s a storm.