Coming home to a noisy garage door is irritating. Nonetheless, annoying screeches, and even groans, donโ€™t always mean you need to rush and call a repair professional. Oftentimes, lubricating your garage door can solve the problem. But itโ€™s important to use the right lubricant and follow the right procedures to make sure your garage door is properly maintained.

Lubrication can help your garage door run more smoothly and even extend its life. Part of regular maintenance, it should be completed about every six months. There are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Close the garage door by remote or manually; tracks and moving parts will be more easily accessible.
  2. Disconnect the door from the power source; turn off the circuit breaker if the opener is hard-wired or difficult to reach.
  3. Use a damp rag to clean out the tracks. Donโ€™t use lubricant here, but if itโ€™s hard to remove dirt and grime, vacuum them out.

What Lubricant to Use

A lithium-based grease is best suited for garage door parts. It can be purchased at a hardware store or online in the form of an aerosol or spray can. When you are ready to lubricate your garage door, focus on the following:


  • Hinges: For each hinge, insert the thin hose attachment into places metal rubs together. The larger the door, the more hinges it will have. Then slowly lift the door manually and spray each hinge as it reaches the bend. One or two sprays per hinge is enough to keep each lubricated.
  • Rollers: The rollers are located at the edges of the door, inside the tracks and attached to each hinge. Lubricate exposed ball bearings inside the rollers by spraying the grease inside. Excess lubricant can cause the door to become unbalanced, so wipe it away carefully.
  • Bearing plates/springs: Youโ€™ll find the circular bearing plates on both sides of the springs. Using a step ladder to reach them, spray the outside of the springs and close to the center of the bearing plates. Open/close the garage door to spread the lubricant.

Insert lubricant into the garage door lock (in the keyhole) to reach moving parts. This can resolve an issue if your lock is hard to open or the key sticks, and it can prevent rusting as well. Also, spray the lubricant on the armbar at the top of the door.

The rail, which the chain rides on, can be found along the ceiling. Lubricate the top part of the rail where the chain comes in contact with it. Then use a rag to spread the grease around. Thereโ€™s no need to spray the bottom of the rail or the chain.

Call a Garage Door Professional for Help

This guide provides a general explanation of how to lubricate your garage door. The ownerโ€™s manual that came with your garage door and opener should provide instructions on lubricating the system. Garage door lubricants generally cost only a few dollars. If you have any difficulties greasing any parts, or are concerned about noise or other symptoms you find, contact Precision Door Service of Las Vegas to have a technician visit your home and inspect the garage door. We can do a thorough inspection, perform a tune-up if needed, or repair your garage doorโ€”most of the time, we can fix the problem within one hour.

Call or contact us online to schedule same-day service or a free safety inspection. We are available 24/7 for emergencies, while live operators can always be reached.

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