How to Read Your Estimate

Generally, when you contact a company that does garage door repair in Henderson, you will receive a price quote prior to starting a repair project. The quote gives you an estimate of how much it will cost to have the work done, and you may be able to discuss financing and payment terms as part of the estimate process. As a general rule, quotes are created by taking into account the cost of parts and labor. Let’s take a look at what that means to you as a consumer.

Contractors Have to Acquire Supplies

Just like you need to buy groceries to make dinner, contractors have to buy materials to perform repairs to your garage door. Supplies could include springs, tracks or items needed to repair a garage door opener. It may also be necessary to buy new doors or paint to refinish them. The cost of parts will generally be passed on to you as part of the overall cost of performing a repair.

Employees Need to Be Paid

When you hear a contractor talk about the cost of labor, he or she is referring to paying their employees. If the owner of a company is going to be working on the garage personally, that person will also need to be compensated for the time spent completing a project. Labor costs could be calculated using a flat fee or by charging an hourly rate.

How to Handle Unexpected Developments

It is possible that a contractor will find additional damage to the garage or otherwise need to increase the scope of the project. As a general rule, it is a good idea to take care of any additional problems even if it costs more. It can reduce the odds that more significant repairs will need to be made later. Your contractor can make it easier to diagnose and fix problems quickly and accurately.