Learn how to clean your garage door and do other maintenance such as putting on a new coat of paint so that it looks as good as it did on the day that it was installed.

How to Make Your Garage Door Look Like New

Your home’s garage door is a focal point of attention. A dirty, dingy garage door reduces the aesthetic appeal of your house and may give visitors a poor first impression. Cleaning and painting the door are easy ways to spruce it up. If you discover issues that are deeper than cosmetic flaws, a company that installs garage doors in Las Vegas can help you with the installation of a replacement garage door.

Cleaning the Door

If dirt and dust have coated the garage door, you may just need to need to clean and wash it. Begin by using a pressure washer to remove the layers of dust and dirt. Use a biodegradable soap that will not harm the door, your driveway or landscaping. If there are stubborn areas of dirt, use a medium-bristled brush to loosen it, then rinse off the door again. If the door has any windows, use an appropriate type of glass cleaner on the interior and exterior panes of glass.

Remove Peeling Paint

Wooden doors may experience peeling paint, especially if they are in direct sunlight. The peeling paint will need to be removed before a primer and fresh coat of paint can be applied. A wire brush or paint thinner can be used to remove the old paint.

Painting the Door

Once your garage door is dry and free of peeling paint, you can repaint it. Be sure to use a paint that is formulated for outdoor use and for the type of material that the door is made from. You may need to apply a coat of primer before painting. The primer prepares the surface to accept the paint and usually results in a better looking final result. Be sure to allow the door to fully dry between application of primer and paint.