Learn about the reasons why and what you should do if you activate the garage door opener, but the garage door does not open or close like it is supposed to do.

Three Common Drive Belt Problems With Automatic Garage Door Openers

When you push the button on your garage door opener’s remote and nothing happens, you might assume it is a problem with the battery. But when the same problem happens with the switch on the wall, this is a cause for concern. If the garage door opener activates but the door stays put, there is most likely a problem with the opener’s motor or drive belt. These problems require repairs for the garage door opener Las Vegas.


Determine whether your drive belt is made of rubber or a chain. If the drive belt is made out of rubber, it could be cracked. Over time, the drive belt experiences wear and tear that break down the rubber, resulting in a crack. Exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold can also cause the rubber to crack. A cracked rubber drive belt requires professional repairs.


If your garage door opener has a chain-style drive belt, the chain could be rusted. Rust develops because of loss of lubricant, exposure to humidity, chemical residue or scratching of the rust-resistant coating. A rusted chain becomes stiff and may even lock into position. Your garage door opener repair technician can replace the chain.

Improper Tension

If the drive belt is in good condition, it may not have the proper level of tension. If the drive belt is too tight, it will not allow the door to move along the tracks. A drive belt that is too loose may not be receiving enough power from the motor to open or close the garage door. It is best to have a professional adjust the drive belt’s tension. Excessive tightening of the drive belt could cause additional problems with the opener’s motor or could even break the belt, necessitating a replacement.