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Choosing the Best Garage Door Materials

Your garage door is the sole protection for your vehicle. If it’s time for you to replace your garage door, or if you’re building your first garage, don’t settle for substandard materials. Fixing a garage door is a job for experts, so be sure to consult experts specialized in garage door repair in Henderson. Here are a few of the best materials for a garage door.

Choose Vinyl for Durability

Vinyl garage doors are extremely solid and not as susceptible to cracks or damage as garage doors made from other materials. Also, they require minimum washing and can be cleaned easily. It’s unlikely to dent, even if you accidentally hit the garage door with your car. Another benefit of vinyl is that the color will take a long time to fade, even after a summer of sunny days. You won’t have to worry about repainting your garage door frequently.

Select Wood to Maintain a Classic Look

Traditional garage doors are usually made of wood. You can choose from painted wood or stained wood. Wood is an insulating material, so it’s superior to metals such as aluminum or steel in this regard. If possible, consider wood composite because it’s less likely to split or rot than wood.

For the Most Flexibility, Consider Steel

Steel garage doors are very low maintenance. They don’t require painting, staining or any kind of regular upkeep. Since steel isn’t a strong insulator, your best bet is to go with thick 25-gauge double-layered steel garage doors. Another benefit of steel is that it’s cheaper than wood. If you’re concerned about an industrial look, there are some steel textures that have a wooden appearance.