Selecting Between Single and Double Garage Doors

Whether your garage is small or large, you’ll have the option of choosing between a single or double door. For the most part, the latter is designed specifically for garages that can accommodate two vehicles. While you may be able to determine that a single door would be your best option if you’re garage isn’t large enough for a double door, it’s recommended that you know all of the details pertaining to these primary garage door sizes for future reference.

Benefits of Single Garage Doors

If you have the capacity in your garage for two vehicles, you can select two single doors for the entry of your garage or a double door. The main benefit of two single doors is that they are typically considered to be better to look at. A sectioned design is a more visually appealing look than a flat design wherein there’s no break in the overall design of the door. There are also more design options when choosing two single garage doors. If ever your power goes out, two single garage doors are going to be easier to manually open than a double door.

Benefits of Double Garage Doors

The costs associated with double garage doors are oftentimes cheaper than two single garage doors, which can be advantageous if budget is a primary focus of yours during the purchasing process. By using a double garage door, you will only need to keep track of a single remote to open the door.

Make Sure that You’re Prepared

When you’re considering both of these options for a new garage door in Las Vegas, there are several additional factors that may be of some importance. For one, you need to identify how air flows into your garage. Two single doors will be better able to keep the cold out than a large double door. On the other hand, large double doors allow for better airflow during the warmer summer months. If you have space in your garage for three cars, think about pairing a double door with a single door as opposed to using three single doors. No matter which door you choose, the technician who installs it should be from a trustworthy repair company.