Many garage doors are constructed with panels, and these panels can crack due to age or an accident. Understanding when to have the panel repaired versus when to go ahead and replace the entire door can help you to make the most of your home repair budget.

Deciding When to Repair a Door Panel Versus Door Replacement

Garage doors made of steel, aluminum or vinyl are typically constructed of panels that are connected to each other on a metal frame. When the door opens or closes, the panels are rotated up or down on the door’s track. Weather, wear and tear and accidents may cause a panel to crack. Panels can often be fixed by a service for garage door repair in Henderson. If the panel damage is severe or multiple panels are cracked, you may want to consider a door replacement.

Type of Damage

Small areas of damage such as a dent from a baseball may be able to be fixed or filled with a patch and some paint. Large areas of damage caused by a burglar or a car crashing into the door may be more serious. The door’s framing could also be damaged. Minor damage is fine for a panel replacement, while moderate to serious garage door damage may cause you to opt for a new door installation.

Safety Concerns

If your old garage door is lacking modern safety features such as a laser for detecting obstructions, consider replacing the door. An older garage door that lacks insulation may also be considered for replacement. If the damage to the panel of your garage door has caused other safety concerns, consider a new door installation.